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    Shrimp may be very familiar to everyone, but do you know red shrimp?

    Do you know red shrimp? It's delicious and nutritious. Let's understand it with me

            Now meat is more diverse. However, too much artificial participation, poor water environment, increased grain density, mutual pressure and great pressure will affect the meat quality of fish and shrimp. According to the interests, the farmers will pursue the market specification in the shortest time, and the farmers will be the best The flag is constantly shortening. The cell division of fast-growing fish and shrimp is not accelerated, but the cell volume increases, the muscle fiber becomes thicker, the number of cells per unit area of muscle decreases, and the muscle fiber becomes thicker. It tastes natural Different


            In addition, due to the serious pollution of the river, some wild freshwater fish and shrimp are not suitable for consumption, and the people need high-quality meat. Therefore, the market of unpolluted wild seafood has become an inevitable trend. Wild red shrimp sells well in the market. Use "small meat" to select wild prawns from the East China Sea, peel them, and freeze them quickly.

            Shrimp is rich in protein, ranging from several times to dozens of times that of fish, eggs and milk. It is rich in minerals such as potassium, iodine, magnesium and phosphorus, vitamin A and amino acids. The meat is soft, digestible, weak and needs to be recuperated after illness, Crabs are good food