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    Do you know the tilapia known as "white salmon"?

            With the arrival of winter, the demand of consumers for various fish materials has entered a peak season. According to the public information of FAO, by 2030, the consumption of seafood in China will account for 38% of the total global consumption, which will be 38% of the total consumption of aquatic products in China. It means that the demand is still showing a huge growth momentum, and the demand will also be strong.

            However, due to the impact of infectious diseases, the import and export business of aquatic products in South Korea has been hit by an unprecedented blow, Low fat is very popular among diners, and it is the largest export aquatic product of Hainan to create foreign exchange. Affected by the current environment, the price of overseas Rosas has dropped to the bottom in recent years. China's Rosas industry with large export scale is constantly challenging At present, some Los Angeles grain enterprises are facing greater difficulties in delaying or canceling international orders.


            Rosas in Hainan was active in the overseas Wal Mart's frozen stores. As a part of the overseas consumer family table, overseas demand was very high. Now, the less healthy Rosas products have opened up the domestic market and expanded domestic demand.

            The cooperation between enterprises reduces the export burden of Rosa, accelerates the transformation and upgrading of Rosa industry, and improves domestic demand can temporarily solve the industry difficulties, but at present, it still faces inevitable problems With the change of internal and external environment, the demand of lauxas is still large abroad. How to solve the bottleneck of the development of the industry? How to establish the whole chain of minnows supply system? How to meet the precise and detailed consumption demand of consumers? These problems will be solved continuously in the development of Amazon industry.