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    Frozen crab has high nutritional value and delicious, which is a favorite food for many people

            Crabs are crustaceans with long eyes and short tails, especially short tail. They also include other types, such as twisted tail families, which are about 4700 species, distributed in all oceans, rivers and land. Frozen crabs taste very well, The tail of a crab is a different eye (for example, shrimp, lobster Unlike tweezers, the chest is dry and the back is wide. The forefoot is special. It is usually moved by walking or climbing. Generally speaking, the horizontal report on price is the most familiar feature of crab. The types and other types of crabs, Swimming with flat paddle origami, quick movement, powerful pliers.

            There are about 4700 species in the world and about 800 species in China. Common swimming crabs, swimming crabs, swimming crabs, swimming crabs and so on. Crabs with crooked tails, cicada crabs, rock crabs, swimming crabs and coconut crabs are called crabs, but they are different from real crabs with short tails. Crustaceans, oils are short tailed (TUNA) and other types. For example, there are about 4500 species of Anomura that can see all the oceans, freshwater and land.


            Swimming crab (Portunus haiyuanensis): the width of the carapace is twice the length, northern type, with rough particles on the surface, female particles are male. There are four teeth on the forehead, the middle pair of teeth is shorter, the body is more pointed and smaller. There are 9 sharp teeth on the front edge. The front teeth are much larger than the front teeth and protrude to both sides.

            Red crab (crabs of the cross): the width of the carapace is 1.6 times the length, and the surface is smooth. There are 6 teeth, 4 teeth in the center are similar in size, and the lateral teeth are narrow and pointed. There are 6 teeth on the front edge, the teeth are blunt, the front edge is concave in the middle, the tail is smaller than other teeth, the tip is protruding, the clip is quite thick and symmetrical, the equal plane of the chapter has 4 poles, and the kite on the inside of the chapter has 3 poles. Red brown, yellow stripes, yellow cross pattern in front of the middle, red and yellow stripes in front of the clip, and endorphin color in front of the two fingers.

            The shape of the crab clip is asymmetric, the right knuckle is thick, the crab claw is attached to the forehead when it contracts, the feet are thin and smooth, the male belly is long belt shaped, three to five times of occlusion can cover the joint seam, and the six joints are rectangular. The seventh day is a triangle, the mother ship is a wide rectangle, the sixth section is a rectangle, and the seventh section is a triangle.

            For those who like to eat crab, the taste of frozen crab is full of praise. If you like our products, you are welcome to consult us